Hacking Job Interview: Uncommon Covert Hypnosis Tip

Hacking Job Interview: Uncommon Covert Hypnosis Tip

Conversational hypnosis is a multifaceted discipline that can be applied to many sides of our lives. This article is focusing on the practical usage of persuasion techniques to conquer a particular experience that most of us find challenging and often life-changing. I’m talking about finding a new job. What typically precedes signing a new contract is having at least one interview. There are already lots of advice on how to successfully handle job interviews. However, a single trick I’m going to share with you is uncommon and at the same time extremely effective.

Before you go to any job interview you usually update your resume and outline your speech. You create a script – the story that backs up your resume. That’s when you should start working on the “hack”.

Step 1: Prepare three key-phrases

Make sure you include three phrases in your script that sound similar to these:

  1. I am the best resource for this position.
  2. You need me.
  3. You want to hire me.

The wording might be different but the phrases have to be short and their meaning should be very clear. For increased effect you can make changes on the fly by substituting the prepared words with ones frequently used by your particular interviewer(s), i.e. replace “resource” with “employee”, “you” with “the company”, etc.

Step 2: Practice to say the phrases

Incorporate these phrases into your speech. You will have to tell all of them in this exact order throughout the interview. Examples:

  • I’m a good team player. This makes me think that I’m the best resource for this position.
  • When I work for the company I always make sure that I’m there when you need me.
  • If you will decide to hire me, first I’m going to learn as much as I can about the company and its culture.

Practice telling your story. Position yourself to say these phrases regardless of the direction the interview might go. Think in advance about different questions you may be asked and see how you can inject these phrases into your answers.

Step 3: Use the gesture

Pick a single gesture that stands out, such as tapping a table, putting the resume page to your chest, waiving a right hand. When you actually pronounce one of the key phrases – make the gesture. That’s extremely important that you avoid using the gesture when you speak, except for the trigger phrases.

Follow these simple steps and you will get a significant advantage in your next job interview!

Source by David Zehev

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