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Head First Java, a Peculiar Style of Learning

Head First Java, a Peculiar Style of Learning


A Different Style of Learning

Due to a justifiable reputation for being difficult to learn, the java programming language has long needed a training course that could ease the journey. By adopting an interesting comic book approach that mixes peculiar artworks with a clever teaching style, the authors of Head First Java provide an easy to grasp the solution to the java education problem.

A Full-Featured Java Training Course

Though simplistic in presentation, Head First Java is a fast-paced book. After presenting an early introduction into the features of object-oriented programming, the author moves quickly to link java into the applications of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. The book addresses the GUI programming front, network programming, midi sequencing, and the command lines of the java library. Though sometimes limited in content, the range of topic coverage is considerable. Every reader will close the final pages with a workable foundation in java application.


Head First Java targets experienced programmers. The material, as presented, assumes that the student possesses a reasonable familiarity with several basic programming topics. Yet the applied approach to learning is intuitive, almost equivalent to a child’s word game. The difficult components of the object-oriented programming design model are exposed in easy to understand bite-sized nuggets. Concepts like inheritance and polymorphism take on a new aspect of reader clarity. Even the beginner programming student can profit from this book.


While resourceful and helpful, the strange teaching methods used by the authors of Head First Java are sometimes offensive. If crude mannerism has become a necessary component of effective teaching, Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates have hit the mark.

Final Points

The teaching style used in Head First Java resides outside the world of mundane education. The book, though at times crude, is generally acknowledged as a “fun” read that accomplishes its primary purpose. It teaches the student how to effectively apply the Java programming language.

Acquire the book, apply its wisdom to the challenge of learning Java, and have some fun with the illustrations to boot. Follow along through example, practice, and corny jokes as Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates reduce the java coding language into a manageable and usable designer’s tool.


Source by Thomas Devos

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