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Hermit Crab Care – Things You Should Know

Hermit Crab Care – Things You Should Know


Hermit crabs as pets may seem, at first thought, the same as owning a tarantula or python as a pet. If you are considering this wonderful creature as a pet it is easy to comprehend that you are looking for information about these adorable creatures. After you have owned a these crabs for a while you will appreciate more and more just how adorable they are.

While there is nothing wrong with owning a tarantula or python, a hermit crab is a unique animal and in a class of their own. These creatures can make for an exceptional pet; there are so many wonderful things I can say about owning this land crab.

Getting to understand the specific needs of any pet you are considering owning is a good idea. The best time to gain the knowledge required to care for a new pet is prior to purchase. This is true if you are considering buying one. I will provide you with information that will be easy for you to understand and when I will always explain any technical terms.

Crabs are included in pets as specie and they are members of the coenobitidae family. The hermit crab your son sees in the pet store or at a shop along the beach and begs you to buy is a terrestrial or land crab.

While being land-based animals their life begins in the sea. They will, after spending months on land, return to the ocean to swim, which will provide them with the water necessary for them to live. These crabs are unique creatures and their homes are their shells making them different from most animals.

Owing your own?

Caring for these creatures is not very expensive. You should consider purchasing more than one, as it is as easy to care for several, as it is to care for one. The more the merrier and it is an important consideration to purchase more than one hermit crab.

When you get to know your new pet you will realize that these crabs are “happy crabs”. Reclusiveness and introvertision are not qualities of hermit crabs – that is not why they are call hermits.

Cheaper by the dozen is an old saying that you may recognize from the book and more recently the movie of the same name.

Even if purchasing and caring for crabs by the dozen is not exactly cheaper, they will be far happier it they have a dozen friends to play with. Many crab owners frequently have a dozen at a time as it mimics how they thrive in their natural habitat.


Source by Joan Fox

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