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Holographic Technologies in Planning

Holographic Technologies in Planning - Holographic Volcano Table


Holographic Technologies are planning to make a lot of sense, as you change the variables you can see the image change before your eyes. We see computers do this now with data visualization, but now we will soon be able to take this to a whole new level. For instance in disaster planning for FEMA. Perhaps you remember seeing that Futuristic Docu-Drama; “Super Volcano” which was set in Wyoming’s

Yellowstone Park. Do you remember the Holographic Volcano Table that helped them predict what kind of an eruption they might have? Disaster Planning with Holograms might save 100s of 1000s of lives one day.

In fact, we remember the horrific Katrina Hurricane, what if Holographic Projection were interfaced with Super Computer Artificial Intelligence Weather Prediction devices? Maybe in the future they might all be hooked to Weather Control Equipment and using the “Butterfly Effect” maybe, just maybe in 20-30 years we might be able to predict and prevent a real live Hurricane?

Of course, this is not the only potential use for holographic technologies. Think of the many uses to streamline our civilization and alleviate our overtaxed infrastructure? What if the Department of Transportation and their top planners and researchers had Holographic Traffic, Transportation and Distribution Flow devices that they could project and look at the entire Nation’s Highway system, all the air traffic, trains, subways – all at once?

What if the Federal Reserve could take their Beige Sheet Reports to a completely new level and study by Watching Monetary Flows in 3D Holographic real-time and then apply various changes to see what the outcome would be in advance? Never another glitch in the economy, always running smoothly like a Swiss Watch – thanks to Holographic Information Data Visualization Tools that were state-of-the-art!


Source by Lance Winslow

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