Homeowners Insurance – Now is the Time to Update Your Insurance Policy

Homeowners! This is the time to update or upgrade your homeowners’ insurance policy before the 2008 storm session gets into full force. I hope you have been following the news lately. If you have not, then read this, about 2 days ago a swift-moving thunderstorm packing fierce winds damaged the Qwest Center Friday, disrupting preparations for the US Olympic swimming trials. The indoor arena, where a state-of-the-art temporary pool has been installed for the eight-day trials, suffered some external damage as well as isolated flooding indoors as the storm swept through.

My friend gave the following account recently to remind us of the need to be prepared today for any disaster. His account “I was in New Orleans before, during and after Katrina, my house was partially destroyed with 8 feet of water, that sat there for 10 days. I never want to see another American go through what I, and my neighbors went through. I now have a number one rule – don’t think it will not happen to you, when it comes to your home or your homeowners’ insurance policy”

This is the time to update or upgrade your homeowners’ insurance policy. Not one state is safe. The entire East Coast and Gulf Coast could get affected with hurricanes, so all homeowners should do the needful now to ensure they have proper replacement coverage for their structure, flood coverage, loss of use if their home is not livable and adequate flood contents coverage.

In the Midwest alone, it has already been a record storm year, and this is just the beginning of July. In the Mountain West, it is storms and wild fires. On the West Coast, it is earthquake and wild fires.

This is the time to update or upgrade your homeowners’ insurance policy. Homeowners should invite their homeowners’ insurance company to re-evaluate the content of their home. Homeowners should provide a documented list of all their antiques, computers, jewelry, TVs and anything of value in their home to their homeowners’ insurance company. In the event of a disaster, these items will not be covered by your insurance policy unless your insurance agent and the insurance company know about and have them included on your policy.

Homeowners can take the following precautionary measures to protect against unnecessary losses.
o Keep your insurance policy, mortgage documents, financial papers, passports, etc in a fire proof, water proof, safe box or container.
o Invite your insurance company or agent to inspect your home for potential problems.
o Take inventory and pictures of all interior and exterior areas of your home and keep the pictures in your fire proof, water proof, safe box or container.
o There should be an evacuation plan for every homeowner in the event of fire.
o Every homeowner should provide a functional smoke detector in each room or hallway.
o For the entire East Coast and Gulf Coast, every homeowner should have a hurricane evacuation plan.

It is our wish that every year should be safe for every US homeowner. We pray that there should be no fires, hurricanes, storms or earthquakes. In addition, all US homeowners should take precaution now to update or upgrade their homeowners’ insurance policy. God will love you more for that. Faith without works is dead. Let no one suffer a repeat of the Katrina disaster. Take action today for a happier tomorrow.

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