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Honda Motorcycle Seats From Granucci and Mustang - Programming Codex

Honda Motorcycle Seats From Granucci and Mustang

Honda Motorcycle Seats From Granucci and Mustang

After market motorcycle seats are available for those who want to get a more comfortable seat or just customize their bike for a different looks. Granucci and Mustang are two of the better-known manufacturers for Honda motorcycle seats, and they make a variety of different styles that you can choose from, in several different price ranges. You can choose seats that are meant mainly for people who ride alone or seats that have space for a passenger to ride comfortably.

You can find Granucci Honda motorcycle seats in a number of different stores, as well as on the internet. Prices for these seats usually range anywhere from $370 to $520, though if you look around you might be able to find them for less with a good sale. Granucci makes their seats from fit-molded plastic and puts custom molded foam and waterproof insulation leather on them. For single seats, you can choose from the Fantasy Single Seat, the Fantasy Python Seat, the Standard Single Seat (and Pillion). Granucci also makes long seats like the Hale Bopp Long Seat, Standard Long Seat, Fantasy Long Seat, and Fantasy Python Long Seat.

Known for lasting a long time and being ultra-comfortable, Mustang motorcycle seats are a good option for those looking for new Honda motorcycle seats. Different options are available for different styles of bikes and for different uses (such as touring or just taking short rides, riding solo or with a partner). Those who enjoy touring and taking long rides might consider the Mustang Wide Touring Seats w/ Backrest for Honda Motorcycles Vintage or Studded. Starting at about $634 for the vintage style and $663 if you want the studded style, these Honda motorcycles are made out of vinyl and have extra steel support wings inside the passenger seat. The passenger seat is set at a forward angle so the driver has more back support, and there is also a removable backrest for the driver that can flip down, be set at four different heights, and be set to a variety of different angles.

The driver’s seat is a deeply contoured bucket seat. For those who prefer to have a very clean look to their seats, there is the Mustang Custom Squareback Seat for Honda VT1100C2/C1 Sabre/Spirit 97-06. This seat is made without any extra stitching or decoration and costs about $310. The front seat is 14.5″ wide, and the back seat is 9 ” wide. The Mustang Regal Duke Seats for Honda VT1100 Motorcycles costs around $300 and gives you a leather-look exterior with a pillow top style. These Honda motorcycle seats have been designed so that the driver has extra back support and the passenger isn’t as likely to slide forward through the use of a two-piece foam construction.

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