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How Advancement in Computers Changed Our Lives

How Advancement in Computers Changed Our Lives


Computers certainly have changed the world in which we live, and they have come a long way in such a short time. We have become dependent on technology to get us through our daily lives.

We all have some common things that we share when it comes to computers, and I’ll be that you have a computer for some of the same reasons that I do.

Game playing is one of the biggest things people do on their computers. They can either be online games or ones stored on your hard drive, but every pc has games installed on them, and nearly everyone can play whenever they want.

Online games are particularly fun because you can join up with other users and play team and competitive games in a very interactive way. They are so fun and addicting that millions of users spend countless hours a day playing their favorite games with people from all over the world.

In addition to online gaming, social networking has been a craze that has swept the world. These services allow you to interact and keep in touch with friends and family in amazing and cool ways. From sharing pictures and videos to posting stories or just chatting, it is a whole new world out there.

Another great development thanks to the power of computing is how we can watch movies and listen to music. No more looking all over the city for your favorite song, because you can download it instantly and listen to it right away. The same thing with movies. You can find and watch almost anything you can think of without having to go to the video store or wait for movies in the mail.

Aside from convenience and entertainment, computers are changing how we work and do business. Look at how online shopping has swept the world, and the impact it is having on how we shop. Also, companies are continually popping up which owe their existence to the online market place.

Lastly, people love to chat with one another online. Whether this occurs via an instant messaging client or simply through email, talking online is just as common as speaking on the phone.

Finally, the one thing that ties most users together is the ability to talk and chat online for free. No more long-distance phone calls, because the technology is there that enables us to video chat, phone talk, type and email our friends, family, and associates in seconds.


Source by Val McQueen

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