How Can The QL-560VP Help You?

How Can The QL-560VP Help You?

The ratings for the Brother QL-560 Label Printer based on ten stars are as follows:

  • 8 for the print quality
  • 8 for the print speed
  • 8 for the versatility
  • 7 for the ease of setup
  • 9 for the ease of use

It is understandable how these ratings can be so high because of the dedicated label printer itself. It avoids the frustrations of printing address labels and wasting labels on a sheet or having to waste time to empty and change the contents of the paper tray. This label printer also introduces the great helpful and creative possibilities such as printing on clear or colored film, printing a banner on the continuous labels, printing barcodes, stamping date/time, and using a very easy way to import Outlook records.

Because the QL-560 uses the direct thermal technology the printer doesn’t have to have ribbon or toner and it boosts the printing speed. The speed of printing with this label printer is 56 labels per minute and even the typical address label can print at a rate of 36 per minute.

The printer’s capability of taking label stock up to 62ww wide enables a lot of extra possibilities using CD labels, other round labels, oblong die-cuts and it also reproduces in monochrome great clip-art and half-tone images. If you are computer technically inclined, you can go in-depth and control such things as dither and error effusion to improve the image quality even more.

With the P-touch you can design fancy fonts for your labels by using amazing angles that tilt the text, decorative borders, circles and rectangles, mirror printing for transparent labels, calendars that are ready-made with visual emphasis for the ability to earmark dates, tables that are perfect for shipping labels, bar codes and even print what is on your computer screen! All of the above elements can be inserted into any ready-made label template for fast results.

The printer is so easy to use and install new label tape. All you do is lift the cover and drop the label roll under the print head by using a small lever and it is ready to print. There is an on/off switch, an Advance button that positions the label to be printed, and an electric cutter for cutting the labels on demand. This cutter can also be set when printing on continuous labels to automatically made and they will cut each label neater.

The P-touch software is very useful with all its toolbars and buttons that resemble the same ones on Windows applications and they are self-explanatory as to their use. The design software can be easy for the beginner by using the default settings or can be more technical for those that are more willing to expand beyond the default settings.

The P-touch Editor software, a user manual on CD, a label catch tray, a roller cleaning sheet, a USB lead, a mains power lead, and a storage case with some labels are all included in the box with this Brother WL-560 Label Printer.

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