How Do I Print Single-Color Clear Covers With the Foilfast P21x Printer? (Windows Users)

Whether you’re binding your documents using binding wires, 19-ring plastic combs, spiral coils, or thermal binding spines, it’s the cover of your book that will make the first impression on the reader. There are few more powerful ways to enhance the look of your reports than by binding with customized binding covers. Below are the step-by-step instructions for printing single-color clear covers using the Foilfast P21x Printer from Powis Parker (for Windows users):

Note: When you choose to print your cover using the single-color mode, the printer will ignore the colors used in your original artwork and will only print in the designated foil color. For example, if you original artwork is black, but you select red foil in single-color mode, then your image will be printed with red foil. Similarly, if your artwork has multiple colors, then using single-color mode will cause the entire image to print in the designated color of foil.

Instructions (Using Non-Adobe Software)

  1. Choose “Print” from the “File” menu of the program that you are using.
  2. The main “Print” dialog box will pop up automatically. In the “Printer Name” menu, select the Foilfast printer and then click the “Properties” button.
  3. When the “Properties” dialog box appears, verify that “Foilfast ClearCover” is the selected option in the “Media Type” box. In the “Print Mode” box, select the “Single Ink” option. Note: The “Undercoat” box will be automatically checked when “Foilfast ClearCover” is selected as the “Media Type.” An undercoat is required when printing on clear covers, so be sure to leave this box checked. Also, ensure that a Foil Primer cartridge is loaded into the printer before proceeding.
  4. If you are printing in any color other than gold, click the button next to the desired color on the “Select Cartridge(s)” menu.
  5. After all settings have been adjusted as indicated, click the “OK” button.
  6. The “Print” dialog box will appear again. Verify that the size of your cover matches the setting in the “Properties” dialog box, and adjust the number of copies to match the number of covers required.
  7. Load a clear cover into the feed tray. Note: Clear covers should be loaded one at a time to help prevent jamming and mis-feeds.
  8. Click the “Print” button to begin printing your customized clear covers.

Instructions (Using Adobe Software)

  1. Choose the “Print” option from the “File” menu.
  2. The “Print” dialog box will appear automatically. Select the Foilfast Printer from the “Printer” selection menu, then click the “Setup” button.
  3. A warning dialog box will appear that will ask if you want to continue or if you want to return to the “Print” dialog box. Select the “Continue” option.
  4. The “Print Setup” box will display. Ensure that “Foilfast ClearCover” is selected in the “Media Type” box. In the “Print Mode” section, select the “Single Ink” option. Note: Leave the “Undercoat” box checked, as a primer layer is required when printing clear covers. Be sure that a Foil Primer cartridge is loaded into the printer before printing.
  5. If you will be printing your image in any cover other than gold, then select the desired color under the “Select Cartridge(s)” section.
  6. Click “OK” after all settings have been adjusted.
  7. Once the “Print Setup” box appears, click the “Print” button.
  8. The “Print” dialog box will appear. Ensure that the paper size shown in the “Printing Preferences” box matches the size of your covers, and adjust the number of copies as required.
  9. Load a clear cover into the paper feed tray. Note: Loading your covers individually will help prevent jams.
  10. Click the “Print” button to begin the printing process.

Source by Sarah A Meehan

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