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How One Article Can Generate 200+ Backlinks


Successful article marketing can be a very stressful job, but definitely returns unimaginable results if done correctly. An article submitted to one article directory is a guaranteed one-way backlink, assuming you inserted a link within the article or resource box. Since many article websites have a PR of 4 or higher, that one-way link is a valuable link. So how does a successful article marketing campaign look like?

Now, obviously you want to write a good article to impress the crowd and hope that they share it on social media sites or republish it with your credits. The problem is, there are many article websites out there, so how do you know where to find the good readers? Well in this case, you need to submit your article to all the major sites, which is more time consuming than actually writing the article (in most cases). Paying for someone to do it may be a method, but the best way to successfully market your website and articles is with the article submitter software. This software will submit the articles for you automatically to all the major sites and will save you you 95% on time and outsourcing money. The trick is, don’t create over 1000 links a day, or else it may be obvious. Make it look as natural as possible, and before you now it, your site will rank the search engines and gain a lot of recognition from the readers.

Article marketing only works with submissions, so find out the best way to generate your submissions efficiently.


Source by Emmanuel M. Ruthe

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