How To Build Backlinks to Get Ranked in Google

How to build backlinks is not hard to do. Backlinks is simply getting traffic to your website. The website can be found and move up in ranking on the search engines. The higher on the search engine, the more popular it can become because of traffic. So, it is not just typing in a keyword in the search engine. Think of a back way into something that is legal to do. Here are two ideas to get backlinks.

The number one way to do this is through articles. Write articles about the subject of the website. Are you selling something? What is the product, what does it do, and of course how does it help? Are your providing a service? How can you solve a problem with this service? If not selling something, then talk about a subject if you have a blog, so your blog can be found. Your blog is about space aliens. Well, write a controversial article about UFO’s. Then, get an account with article directories where a person can submit the articles. People read these articles and click the link to the website to gather more information.

This leads to the second way to build backlinks, social media. Right now, on the business side, it is articles. To the public, without knowing of course, is social media. They find the coolest website. First, it is bookmarked, and then they run and send a Tweet on Twitter. Or they leave a message on MySpace or Facebook to all their friends and family. There are boxes now on websites to send messages to social media sites to tell everyone.

This just created a backlink as it is by word of mouth. The website was not found through a search engine. A bookmark is considered a backlink also. Every time the bookmark is clicked on it builds traffic to the site. So, all those friends and family from only one person created traffic without any sales. Now imagine if a percentage of those friends and family signed up for your newsletter or even bought something. That is amazing of the power of backlinks.

One final note is a mobile device. A lot of phones now have the Internet. Social media does have apps now on mobile phones. So, anytime a text comes through on the phone, the person can access the website immediately. Newsletters can be sent to the email account on the phone also. The possibilities are endless.

Source by Shannon G. Spoon

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