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How To Create a Viral Blog Post

How To Create a Viral Blog Post

Viral Content is the content which is shared by its readers on their social media accounts and constantly brings traffic to your post without you doing anything about it.

Here’s how it works?

You create a high quality post for your blog and add the social sharing buttons at the end of the post and whenever a reader reads and likes your post he shares it on his social media accounts and brings traffic to you. Now imagine that your post got 1,000 views out of which 5% shared your post that is 50 readers shares it and brings approximately 1,000 new visitors from their social media, out of that 1,000 new viewers again 5% shared and brings around 1,000 views again.

This cycle continues and you get constant stream of viewers to your blog without any special effort. This kind of marketing is termed as viral marketing. And it’s so powerful that Chris Gimmer of Bootstrap Bay managed to get 17,584 visitors to his brand new blog in just one day.

How to create Viral Content?

Everyone wants to create viral content. I mean, really who doesnt want a constant stream of free traffic to their blog. It helps increase SEO ranking, it helps increase email list, it helps popularizing the blog and blogger and it also will increase profit for sure. But not everyone is able to create viral content. Today I will teach you how you can make blog posts that can go viral. So, let’s start:

Step 1. Find already written great content.

Starting from none can be little hard and to make things easier just go to Reddit or StumbleUpon or Buzzsumo and search for the content (in your niche) that is already being liked and shared highly by the viewers. The content that already proved to be viral.

Step 2. Improve the content you found.

Even if you have found world’s best piece of content, it can still be improved.

Edit the entire post and headline or you can suffer from duplicate content issue. Rewrite the post in your own words and even improved. Use these techniques to make it better-

Add more links – Link to other blogs in your niche within your blog post. Not only it will generate trust among your readers but will also improve your relations with other bloggers and may be one day they also link back to your blog in their posts.

Increase Media – If more images, screenshots or videos can be added in the post than don’t hesitate to do it. The more media rich a post is the more it is shared.

Increase post length – Buzzsumo found out that the post which ranges between 3,000-10,000 words are the ones which are highly shared. Now if the content you are editing is already in this range then great but if it’s not then make it.

Call to action – The best way to encourage your readers for sharing your content on their social media is to add call to action at the end of each post.

Step 3. Promote Your Content?

Promote the content that you have written on your own social media to your own friends and followers first and even encourage them to share it further.

You can use the following websites to promote your content: –





Facebook etc.

Step4. Add download as PDF share button.

Another way to increase your sharing is to give your readers the option of downloading your entire post as a pdf file on sharing. This method is powerful if you write a great post which your readers might wish to read even offline.

These are some of the techniques you can apply today to start making blog posts that goes viral and increase your blog traffic and if you want to learn more about the ways in which you can make incredible posts then visit HERE

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