How to Get More Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

99% of people who create a blog or website quit after they aren’t able to get any steady, targeted traffic to it. They may buy visitors or tell their friends and family about their new blog, but none of the initial traffic is sustained and yields the blogger any profit. They may have a revolutionary product they are trying to sell or maybe even have a funny, original blog. Regardless of what the idea is, if no one can see their product, then whats the point?

If you do a simple Google search for how to get traffic to your blog you will probably come across numerous posts on “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO. What SEO is, is a way for your blog to get picked up by people searching for things on search engines. You may read hundreds of different methods on the best SEO tactics, but at the end of the day they all come back to “anchored backlinks.” An anchored backlink is a text link that links back to your website from another website. Achieving these can be difficult, but the more you have the better off Google will see your website as.

Here are some simple methods to begin achieving backlinks to your blog today:

1.) You need to comment on other, well-known blogs that share the same key words as yours. Use your blog and anchor text as the name. People will click on the link and you will receive direct traffic as well as longer term traffic from search engines.

2.) Create another blog and link back to yours.

3.) Submit articles to article directories (i.e. EzineArticles), and put anchored text in the author bio.

4.) Add your blog to directories which can gain you backlinks.

Avoid link farms. A link farm has thousands of outgoing links, pointing to all kind of sites. Although they may sound great, Google looks at them as a bad thing and they may actually hurt your SEO.

Another way to get backlinks is to join forums and use your backlink in your signature. However, make sure that you are allowed to promote in your signature. You wouldn’t want to get banned. Be an active part of the community and add valuable posts with your backlink in the signature.

Overall, this is the best way for you to receive steady, targeted traffic from search engines. Once people find your website on Google/yahoo, they will continue coming back if they like what they initially saw.

Source by John Cookster

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