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How to Make a Neopets Hit Counter

How to Make a Neopets Hit Counter


If you are looking for a Neopets Hit Counter then you may find that they are very hard to find, and in fact most of the time you will have to create one yourself. There are a few Neopet layouts that have some premade hit counters built into the design, but these again are sometimes hard to come by.

Creating a neopet hit counter is very easy to accomplish and takes very little html knowledge. Following the tutorial below will teach you how to create your very own personal and unique hit counter.

1. First you will need to choose which hit counter you would like to use. There are a wide selection of companies online that offer hit counting services, to find some just do a search on Google for “free hit counter” or “free stat counter.” Browse around at some of the styles and choose one that you like and sign up for a free account with the selected service. In this example we will be using the service at

2. Copy the code that they have given you and then paste this into an empty text document such as NotePad or WordPad. Your hit counter code will look something like the one below:

var sc_remove_link=1;/script>

script type=”text/javascript” language=”javascript”src=””>img src=”″ alt=”cool hit counter” border=”0″>

3. Now it is time to find a Neopet image to go above the hit counter. There are many places you can find a Neopet picture. If you do have troubles finding one then just choose and image from

4. Once you have found an image then simply right click on the picture and select “Copy Image Location.” You will then need to go back to your open notepad and paste this image code above your current stat counter code.

5. This would be your final code for your Neopet hit counter.


And that is how you can create your very own Neopet Hit Counter to personalize your Neopet webpage. Enjoy!


Source by Nathan Westergard

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