How to Practice for a Java Technical Interview

How to Practice for a Java Technical Interview

The most tensed and perhaps the most feared round during the recruitment process of an IT company is the technical interview round. Just imagine, you’ve just cleared the written round and just when you were about to get happy your mind is clouded with all the random questions an interviewer might ask you. At that moment you might not know the answers to all of them, but if you don’t know the answer to the questions of the interviewer then there is very bad news for you, you would most probably be rejected.

A technical interview is not a tough nut to crack, provided you get your basics right. A technical interview can comprise of questions from any subject in your curriculum. Some of the hot interview questions domains include Operating systems, Database Management, Networking, Software engineering, etc. But the hottest of them all is just one tiny little word, Java.

The interviewer might not know some of the above-mentioned subjects, but he/she would have a good knowledge of java, knowledge enough to give you a hard time during your interview. During our java technical interview, you would not only be judged your answers, but you would also be judged by your way of answering the questions. They don’t have to be flukes or guesses; they’d have to be solid concrete answers. The trick lies in focusing on the basics. The IT organizations believe that if a candidate has a decent knowledge of the Java language is also familiar with the java working environment then he/she can be trained easily and effectively to suit the company’s needs. Java is the most worked upon the platform in the IT industry these days, so candidates having an impressive knowledge are the most sought after of the lot.

A java technical interview can be broken down into two segments. The first segment can be core java interview questions, and the second one can of the advanced java interview questions. The normal trend is that the interviewer would move to the advanced java interview questions only after you can impress him/her with your responses to the advanced java interview questions. All you have to do is get your basics right and all the tough Java interview questions would become the easiest java interview questions.

Core java interview questions can be like

1. What is System, out and print in System.out.print?

2. When can an object’s finalize() method be invoked?.

3. What is WeakhashMap?

Some questions can also include code snippets, questions like:

public class GeekTryCatch {

public void doSomething(){

int iCount = 10;

int result = 20;


for(int i=0; i<= 10; i++){

result = i/iCount;

iCount –;



System.out.print(“Result “+result);



public static void main(String args[]){

GeekTryCatch geekTryCatch = new GeekTryCatch();




Will the above code compile and something be printed in the Result?

Such questions are only put up to know whether you are familiar with the java source code or not

There are certain web portals online having a collection of advanced and core java interview questions and answers which might help you to prepare before your technical interview.

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