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How To Release/Renew IP Address

How To Release/Renew IP Address


There may be times you find that your internet connection freezes or is extremely slow and you get a message stating that you can’t connect to the internet. There are many reasons this could happen such as if your home or work has numerous computers in a network all sharing the same IP via a router, or maybe you lose your signal, which in turn would cause a network IP conflict, even at times your system might simply forget the IP and request a new one. There is a simple way to try to fix this without having to contact your internet provider. Many times you will need to reboot your modem or router but will first have to perform a release/renew the IP address.

This process of how to release/renew IP address is actually very simple and straightforward. This is a task that even the novice can attempt. Just follow the steps listed below.

1) Click the Start menu button on the Windows taskbar.

2) Click on Run and you will receive a text entry box.

3) Type in ‘cmd’ (without the quotes) in the text-box and click enter. A command prompt window will now be on the screen in a black box area.

4) To dump the current Ip address, type in ‘ipconfig /release’ and hit enter to remove the address.

5) Type ‘ipconfig /renew’ and enter, to obtain a new or just to refresh your Ip address.

6) Last, shut down your computer and disconnect your modem and router. Wait 30 seconds, plug back in your modem, then the router and restart your computer.

If this does not correct the situation you may have a loose wire or a bad one. If you are using a router, you may want to try to directly hook your main computer to the modem and bypass the router, and then perform the renew/release IP address function. If this works then the router is what will need to be reconfigured or replaced.

In the event, you are still unable to connect after you connected the cable straight from the modem to your pc you will have to contact your ISP technical support and get help from them as there may be an outage in your area. However, if there is not an outage in your area, they are going to ask you if you know how to release/renew an IP in which case you can inform them that you have already followed this process as well as connecting directly from the modem to your computer and bypassing the router.


Source by S Dawkins

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