How to Use Casanova Tactics to Seduce Women – Easily Hack Into Her Mind With This Nifty Little Trick

Everybody knows the story of Casanova – a man so amazingly seductive that he could seduce pretty much any woman he wanted to. Well, most men would give their left nut to become a little more like Casanova, but quite often than not, they give up on their dream because they think they aren’t good looking enough. However, there have been men who disproved the ‘law’ that the Casanovas of the world all have to be good-looking, so how did they pull off being as great as Casanova himself? Find out here.

Firstly, the men who achieve this Casanova status despite being considered ugly know one fundamental truth that enables them to approach women on the same level as ‘good-looking’ guys: they realize that looks really aren’t all that important, so they have toughened their emotional hide to such an extent that they no longer feel the sting of rejection. This, in turn, enables them to approach women and give them everything they’ve got.

The trick is in reaching the same level of emotional detachment. Rejection shouldn’t matter merely due to the sheer number of available women out there.

Once you’ve managed to get into the right state of mind, it’s time to fully remove your fear of women. The average decent-looking woman is used to being the center of the male world, so she expects attention and admiration from all the men she meets. Naturally, the man who doesn’t display the tendency to fall down and worship her on site will be the one that attracts the most attention. This cavalier attitude towards her will not only perk her interest, but set you up as someone whom looks doesn’t impress, making her the pursuer by default.

Now comes the perfect opportunity to get inside her head using hypnosis, while she’s suitably distracted by your witty repartee. Once inside her head, you need to adjust her emotional triggers so that the mere thought of you triggers all of her positive emotions. This will ensnare her and make her yours forever.

Source by Derek Rake

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