How to Use Color Coding Labels on Clothing Hang Tags

How to Use Color Coding Labels on Clothing Hang Tags

It all starts with the eyes. People are visual people and when you see something with your own eyes, that image tends to stick in your head. That is why color coding labels are so important. If you have a consignment clothing store or thrift store, be sure to use this idea for providing discounts to your customers.

How it works: Create a small sign towards the front of your store that says something like “Look for the colored dots and save money”. Place 4 different color dot labels on the sign and next to each color dot write the discount price.


Purple: $.25 cents off | Green: $.50 cents off | Blue: $.75 cents off | Red: $1.00 off

Then you would place the colored sticker on the hang tag. The labels would need to have permanent adhesive so that you don’t have to worry about customers removing and switching stickers. When the customer checks out you simply remove the hang tag from the garment. Customers love discounts of any kind. This will motivate customers to really search for deals. Kind of like “hunting for the best bargain”. It will get customers to really dig through all that you have to see what they can and can’t live without. You will be amazed at how people love this. It is like playing a game and everyone loves to search for deals no matter if it is.25 cents or $100.00 dollars. If you tell me that I can save anything then that becomes a deal to me.

People who go to consignment shops are searching for the best deals and a lot of times that means they are impulse buyers. The longer you keep customers in your store the better chances that they will end up purchasing more. Another idea is to separate men’s from women’s specials. For example you might have a pink color dot for women’s clothes and a blue one for men’s. If a customer finds a pink sticker then that means that item is on sale.

Lastly, you can place a color dot on the hang tags and provide a point scale. For example, purple is worth 1 point, blue is worth a half a point. When a customer makes a purchase they keep the hang tag with the color label and save them for discounts which they can use until the end of the month. So say for example someone purchases 20 items of clothing and 10 were purple labels and 10 were blue labels. That would be 15 points. Once a customer reaches 20 points they would get 10% off the next purchase.

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