How to Use RSS Feeds to Build Backlinks and Generate Traffic Fast

How to Use RSS Feeds to Build Backlinks and Generate Traffic Fast

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a method to distribute information on the internet to subscribers rapidly. RSS feeds can be read through e-mail or RSS Aggregators.

Firstly, you need to grasp the significance of employing RSS feeds to bring in traffic. An RSS feed of your website or your blog is a list of all the articles on the website, including all the links embedded in all those articles. When you distribute this RSS feeds, you are also transforming each link in your site into dozens or hundreds of links from multiple locations. Embedded video clips and images in your articles may be wiped out, but the locations of the images and video clips are still there. Anybody wishing to see the images or watch the video can simply click on the links.

Feeds are transmitted to subscribers through online services called RSS aggregators. A reader goes to the site that has an aggregator, enters the feed address that he has subscribed to and a page displaying the feed will be created for him. If someone wants to read your articles regularly, he can subscribe to your feed to get the latest update of your content.

Every aggregator you have given your feed will create a webpage showing the feed. If your feed is on 100 aggregators, that means every time you post one link on your blog you will be making 100. Also as every RSS feed points to your website, you have a large number of inbound links, entirely from relevant web pages.

Every blog post or article should contain your website address so that the feed reader will know the origin of the article. A large number of webmasters use RSS feeds as a method of receiving fresh content on their blogs. By displaying feeds from several authors on a single blog, they practically have a huge blog loaded with content. That’s why it’s necessary to tell the readers where the articles are originally from.

Several techniques can help increase your web traffic, but one of the easiest methods is the RSS feed. By submitting your feed address to a large number of aggregators, you just do it once and it will generate traffic for you forever.

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