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HTML Email Campaigns – Are They Really That Effective?

HTML Email Campaigns – Are They Really That Effective?


Many are saying that a picture says a thousand words. Not really according to some who believe that HTML Email campaigns are just a waste of valuable virtual real estate. Others beg to disagree and of the opinion that once you pass through the initial obstacles, this method is just as effective as any well thought off marketing campaign. The argument lies in the format and the medium being used. The medium is email while the format is generally text-based.

An image of, let’s say, a notebook computer is not going to be very effective to a potential buyer unless there is an accompanying description on its salient specifications or features. A picture put on an email needs to be coded in HTML especially when linked to a particular website. Many email clients, by default, do not show pictures unless the user wants to see it by activating an option. If not correctly coded, it will appear as garbage to the uninitiated. Precisely because it is coded, quite a few people are apprehensive to open it.

Email campaigns to be effective should hurdle this technical obstruction. After all, 50% of the objective is achieved when the email is opened. And like any marketing relationship, it becomes more effective when permission is granted by the recipient through several means such as list subscription.

Another big problem for HTML Email campaigns is that an email layout made in one format may not appear as expected when the campaign is blasted to subscribers. The layout may appear misaligned, fonts changed or seem to be too difficult to read. This technical difficulty is very frustrating to many marketers. The solution lies in continuous testing on what design will be compatible, can be easily viewed by all and one that will sway consumers to favorable action.

Detractors of this type of email campaigns agree, much to their dismay, that HTML email campaigns are gaining huge popularity and are here for the long haul. These webpage snapshots that find their way to inboxes easily catch the eye once correctly implemented. Click rates are higher when images or pictures are put rather than some boring text.

However, for HTML email campaigns to be effective, quality content is a must. There must be a proper balance of images and text. Make the codes simple and accurate and the minute changes are made, tests and re-tests should be done to ensure that it reaches their target market and gets the desired action.


Source by William Jimenez

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