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HTML Email Marketing – Do the Pros Exceed the Cons?

HTML Email Marketing – Pros & Cons


So, is HTML email marketing the way to go – or is plain text a safer option? That’s the burning question, isn’t it? There are two different schools of thought. Which type of email should YOU choose to send to your subscribers or customers?

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communication and for the promotion of products or services. The whole purpose of these emails is to get a good RESPONSE from those you are communicating with. Your readers will NEVER respond the way you want them to if they have not even read your email.

Why wouldn’t they read your email?

Because they didn’t like the LOOK of it! It is that simple. You only have seconds to capture your reader’s attention – before they decide they really can’t be bothered plowing through all that boring text… You want to deliver what your readers PREFER. The vast majority of them will prefer to read an HTML email.


Because it is more user-friendly. Generally, the text is easier to read – it’s easier to absorb the content of an HTML email – quickly. The important bits are in bold or even highlighted. The email has LIFE – your readers can tell that you are trying to communicate with them. An HTML email also looks a lot more professional. It will be easier for you to promote your brand and it will be consistent with your website or blog when your readers click on links.

So, what are the cons?

You will need to be careful to avoid any wording which would alert anti-Spam filters. You also need to test your emails to make sure that they arrive looking the way you intended – some email providers can distort them. As long as you take a little care, there is no contest. HTML email marketing is the way to go.


Source by Elaine Drennan

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