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HTML Email Templates – How to Create One

Email marketing has gained lot popularity these days. People advertise their products and services by sending email to the customers in the form of newsletters which provides all the information about the respective products and services. Sending an HTML newsletter is also a good internet marketing strategy. However, many people do not know the exact way to create an HTML newsletter. The procedure of creating an HTML newsletter is very similar to creating a webpage. All you need to be careful about is some of the small details and complications. These things have to be handled carefully in order to create an HTML newsletter successfully.

People who have prior knowledge of creating a webpage will have no problem in creating a newsletter in the respective format. However, if one is not sure about the procedure then he can always use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What you get) and HTML editors like Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage. If you are not interested in making one on your own then you can always download one. There are many websites that provide HTML email templates and you can choose the one you like. The only basic difference between a normal webpage and a newsletter is the way it is designed and sent.

Now let us start with the procedure. First of all you need to delete everything before the open (body) tag and after the close (/body) tag. After that remove the body tags also. The part that should be remaining in the code will be the HTML tag, head tag, title tag, metatags and no CSS style sheets. There should be only table, images, text, links etc between the body tags. The second important thing that needs to be considered is that there should be no JavaScript in the newsletter as the email providers disallow it and will automatically disable it if they find any in your newsletter. It will be better if you do not include flash, DHTML and web forms in your newsletter.

You can include advertisements in the mail. However, it is better if you avoid using the popular Google AdSense Ads. The main reason behind this is that Google Ads use JavaScript which is not allowed in the newsletter. You can use link exchanges and other advertisements that have plain links for their ads. It is better if you use tables instead of CSS in the newsletter. You can use table properties like background color for your newsletter.

Make sure that you enter the complete URL for the images that will be used in the email newsletter. Make sure that you include the unsubscribe option at the end of the newsletter. If you do not include this option then it can be viewed as a scam which is not good for your business as the user might just delete it without reading it. Thus, this was some essential information about how to create an HTML email template.

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