HTML to WordPress

HTML to WordPress

HTML Limitations

– Only static web pages can be created using HTML. There is minimal scope for user interaction and hence the experience of browsing the website isn’t a delight.

– The contents of the web pages cannot be altered with ease, and each time a user has to depend on a web designer to carry out the need to add new pages, menu items & contents.

– Due to the unavailability of HTML templates, to modify the look and feel of the website much time has to be invested. It’s as good as creating a new web page from scratch.

WordPress offers features that HTML doesn’t. So, in this competitive world with zillions of websites, it’s wise to have an edge over others, switch over from HTML to WordPress and reap the maximum benefits.

WordPress Features

– Dynamic web pages featuring login forms, user feedback and testimonials can be easily integrated into the WordPress website. Added advantages like custom social network plug-in, image and content gallery and responsive websites can be made.

– Advanced user management and admin management allows multiple users to manage the website and hence offers the proper distribution of work.

– New features and content can be added with ease at any point in time. Easy drag and drop technique makes it comfortable even for those with minimal technical knowledge.

– The complete look and feel of the website can be altered within minutes. The vast WordPress community also makes it easier to have a wide range of extensions and templates for any website.

HTML to WordPress

It’s worthwhile to note that because of the numerous features offered by WordPress, it is regarded as the best content management system over the internet, and the easiest CMS to use. It’s a rich community of plug-ins, templates, guides, and volunteers to help fix any issues of the WordPress website.

Now, a word of caution for those who have already thought of migrating from HTML to WordPress, there are numerous service providers out there. So there are chances of being misled or overwhelmed while choosing the right one for the conversion process. Look out for the following features in their package to have a better idea about whom to prefer:

– W3C valid, search engine friendly and dynamic websites

– High-quality mark-up and cross-browser compatibility tests

– 100% customer satisfaction at affordable prices

– 24×7 support and maintenance

– Transparent work with fast response time

– Scope for flexibility and possible modifications in the future

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