Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) Versus Active Server Pages (ASP)

ASP and PHP are two most commonly used web development tools for a web design company. With the help of these tools a developer is able to develop content on web servers. This helps the web development company to incorporate a wide range of design styles and techniques which are compatible with the computer of a person using the web site.

Active Server Pages (ASP)

ASP is basically designed by Microsoft and is used in Internet Information Server (IIS). This is a software which is used with Microsoft Servers. Normally ASP is opted for fulfilling the needs of large organizations.

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)

PHP is a utility used by developers which goes along with UNIX and NT Servers. PHP is usually used with MySQL databases. Generally speaking, PHP is used for fulfilling the needs of medium and small size organizations.

Advantages of ASP:

• This web development tool is compatible with all Microsoft applications which are normally used in the corporate market. Because of the vast usage of Microsoft based applications, corporations opt for ASP.

• In today’s world, most of the large organizations and corporations are using different types of Microsoft applications and their employees are used to Microsoft environment. So, using ASP cuts the cost of training employees.

• When it comes to selling an organization it becomes easier when the business databases are managed thru ASP because it is most probable that the buyer organization will have a Microsoft based environment. And it’s really a vital consideration in buying a business that the systems can be dealt easily.

Advantages of PHP:

• PHP is normally preferred by developers and programmers because it is a lot simpler to use than ASP.

• It can be learnt very quickly and any amateur web designer can learn it from the educational and tutorial content available on internet. Because of its popularity among independent developers who work as freelancers, there is a lot of material that can be found online such as video tutorials, dos and don’ts, instructions etc.

• Web hosting services are normally favoring PHP based web pages and due to this reason it has become cheaper to host your website designed in PHP rather than ASP.

• ASP’s compatibility is limited to Microsoft servers while PHP is compatible with many servers.

• PHP has its own programming language and syntax which are easier than ASP.

Which is better? This decision is based on the web design company i.e. what are their requirements and demands.

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