Importance of Backlinks

Importance of Backlinks

Everyone who has at some point in time read about Search engine optimization must have come across the term “backlink” at least once. Those who have never heard of SEO may find the term strange and want to know why the backlink is so important. Backlinks are important as a scope of SEO that works as a building block to become a good SEO.


Backlinks are defined as the links that are directed towards your website and they are also known as Inbound links (IBL’s). The more backlinks mean the high popularity of your website. Only the quality backlinks are considered to be good. The search engines, especially, Google allows for more credit to your websites if your website has a good number of quality backlinks. It is not that the number of inbound links but the quality of the inbound links that matter. If the content is not relevant then the website is not considered to be of quality and a good amount of content contained in it.

Another reason why the website owners want to have good quality backlinks is that they want to attract a large number of visitors on to their site and increase their link popularity. You can’t expect that you constructed the website and let the visitors search for your website.

Many website owners have a fear of reciprocal linking to their sites. Reciprocal linking takes place when your site unwittingly gets linked to a bad neighborhood site which costs you punishments and a page rank of zero. It is a kind of link share and many SEO experts use it as a filter tool. It was done to increase the websites ranking in search engines. In a link exchange, a webmaster links the website to another webmaster’s website and this was done in a usual manner. The inbound links that were not quality-wise good were ignored and were discounted whereas the outbound links were still counted. This lead to the increase in outbound link numbers than the inbound and resulted in fall of the website rank in search engines.

Another thing to keep in mind while linking is to have a notice of all the sites with which you are linking. It is important to find that the sites with which you are linking should not have more outbound links than the inbound links. Otherwise, the ranking of your website will fall. Always choose relevant sites that don’t have tons of outbound links and don’t even practice black hat SEO techniques, this way your reciprocal links would not be counted.

It is no worry to interlink your sites together at one IP but you have to be a little careful while doing this. Sometimes it looks like a fish market and it is known as backlink bombing. Interlinking two or three websites would be fine but more than that would harm you. It is good to interlink your websites to provide extra information altogether for your clients.

There are tools to be used to keep a track of your backlinks. You can help your website with your link building campaign is the Backlink Builder Tool. It is not just to have a good number of inbound links to your website but to have good quality inbound links. This will help you choose the relevant backlinks and this way you will be able to perform your job with ease and comfort

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