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Increased Efficiency In Business Models With Cloud Computing

Increased Efficiency In Business Models With Cloud Computing


Organizations are constantly coming up with evaluations on how cloud computing can actually help in reducing costs, improve flexibility, deliver scalability, and leverage added value to new technologies. There are more and more organizations that are looking into cloud computing as potentially beneficial to migrate real applications into.

A deeper questioning is now happening on how business models will benefit from cloud computing. Most of the recent discussions on the cloud concentrates on the opportunities, questions, and technical challenges that need to be addressed. Despite this, not enough focus has been given to the cloud’s business model transformation.

For many years to date, software vendors have confronted questions on business models and issues on monetization during the transition to SaaS delivery. With the coming in of cloud services in the market, Hardware vendors, Systems Integrators, and other technology firms also encounter similar challenges.

Such issues are well described in the Accenture Report entitled “Where the Cloud Meets Reality”: Operationally Enabling the Growth of New Business Models. We have recently talked with Tim Jellison, one of the authors of the Accenture Report, and we agree with the identified business model topics in the report.

Accenture Report spots ten various business models (like Appliance Model, PaaS, Licensed Software) and talk of how enterprises can plan and address business model changes and how to begin.

It is beyond any debate why the XaaS market is growing at a rapid rate. The Accenture Report highlights a Gartner study that shows by 2014, enterprises will spend close to $35B annually on SaaS, PaaSm IaaS and other XaaS models combined. That’s more than 300% beyond 2010.

Disruptive technologies and large growth can help bring great revenue opportunities to organizations. Thus comes in certain questions on legal, technology, finance, operations, marketing and sales which needs to be addressed by executives.

This is most likely the beginning of discussions in business models that can come in many forms.

You too can know more about ways which cloud computing could help functions and processes in businesses more efficient to cut down on operational costs. Cloud computing can help in controlling business processes and relevant information. It is expected that cloud computing deployment in organizations will help improve the efficiency, independence, governance, and security of functions and processes regardless of where these enterprises are located.

Business models suggest improved efficiency and cost savings while more and more enterprises and organizations from all kinds of industries realize that cloud computing is reliable in achieving goals and targets.


Source by George Hadjiyanis

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