Industrial Training Or Industrial Draining?

Industrial Training Or Industrial Draining?

Are you a B.Tech. student or an MCA planning to have your 6 months or 2 months industrial from some training institute? Or are you in an illusion that free industrial training is a reality?

Think again!

I have met dozens of IT students who went through such training, with dreams of becoming Software Engineers only to end up in some operational jobs with the likes of technical support executive in some BPO company or a computer operator in some retail store just to keep up their living expenses or working on SEO projects which can be done without any technical skills.

It has a huge disappointment when I have attended technical interviews of fresh IT students claiming to be IT Engineers, only to realize how a faulty choice in their industrial training has turned their careers upside down. What could have been a smooth take-off turns out to be a crash and burn situation at the start of their careers?

The 70% attrition rate can be attributed to this one reason. The 6 months when students are to be taken through the actual thing that they would do as Software professionals, they are put on completely irrelevant work.

While in training institutions, there is no exposure to Live Projects, I have interviewed so many students who got trained from there that I am convinced about their incapacity to create Software Engineers.

As they say, NOTHING IN THIS WORLD COMES FOR FREE, the myth of free training is truly a myth!

There are a lot of phonies out there claiming to provide free training to IT students promising to turn them in Professional Engineers, only to end up using these students in their revenue generation activities. These students are in no way trained to make software, so they are put on company work that is not so technical. The half-hearted effort of these companies to show the trainees that they are training them does not make them EXPERTS in the field they so desired to be in the first place be it an Expert in .NET, Java, C/C++ or other IT fields.

And when they are dumped out of the IT industry in the form of attrition, they could lose their career! They may end up losing direction or years to start on their careers.

The bottom line…

These 6 months are a Gigantic element in shaping your career. If you are concerned about this one thing, YOUR CAREER, make the right decision. Find the right place.

Source by Aamir Mir

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