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Information On Ethical Hacking – A Quick Enjoyable Explanation!

Ethical Hacking – Quick Enjoyable Explanation


If you’re looking for information on ethical hacking then read on…I promise to be quick and to the point!

Friends tend to raise their eyebrows when I utter the words “ethical hacking” to them. What on earth? Hacking…ethically? And sure, I see their point.

It’s bad, right?

Hacking is a “bad” act for sure, or at least when we take the common meaning of the word, and in this context. In this case, we do mean hacking in the sense of penetrating, or cracking, some kind of computer system to gain access to sensitive information. Or to simply cause havoc and crash it. After all, I’ve heard many folks do this for fun…

However…when we add the “ethical” word into the equation, then the intention behind such “attacks” changes entirely. What we are now talking about is carrying out such attacks for the sole purpose of identifying weaknesses so that we can remove or strengthen them. So it’s for the greater good!

Companies may hire individuals or groups to carry out this task. These individuals will be highly skilled in computer systems, networks, social engineering and so on. Anyway, the point is this. We conveniently refer to this form as ethical hacking. They are doing it with permission and this is a key part. Don’t be thinking you are doing the same thing by “identifying weaknesses” of eBay without them giving your permission first!

Anyway, the good that can come out from this should be very obvious. When companies can discover easy loopholes or entry points in their systems, before an actual “nasty” hacker does, they can avoid much embarrassment and financial loss.

I hope this information helps to clear up the matter for you!


Source by Matt Beauchamp

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