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Innovation and Evolution of The Ring Tone

Innovation and Evolution of The Ring Tone


In the past, cell phones used to have ring tones which had just two ring options: an electronic thrill and a shrill. Days of boring tring tring are gone thanks to the brilliance of Vesa-Matti Paananen.

Vesa-Matti Paananen is a Finnish computer programmer who was working with Nokia when the concept of ring tone struck him. Vesa-Matti Paananen was working on a “smart messaging” project when he suddenly realized that by using the same technology he can send other types of information and also code various songs. So Paananen went straight to work, and came up with a brilliant program known as “harmonium”.

Although Harmonium is not that great compared to today’s standards, but it was that thing that set the foundation for the ring tone industry. It has now become a multi-billion industry. It allowed users to a composting program in the musical sequence for their phones which they can easily forward to their friends for use as a ring tone.

Users of cell phones were no longer confined to the same songs that use to come with the units. Paananen could’ve easily become a billionaire, but Paananen generously made Harmonium a freeware on the net, which can be easily be downloaded from the Internet for free. Each and everyone could use this feature and everyone did, and the phone ring tones started to proliferate in the market.

The ringtones evolved in a phased manner. Ringtones were made by private individuals who just wanted to share their creations with the world as well. Other people collected the ring tones from various sources into one site. Some companies took Harmonium as their basic structure for making a ring tone and then putting their engineers to work for developing the ring tone. These companies saw the potential in the software but wanted a richer and more realistic musical quality ring tones.

Leaps and jumps were possible in the technology of ringtones because of the company’s interest.

From the age of monophonic ring tones in harmonium, these companies developed polyphonic ringtones which played various notes at a time. The latest version or format of ring tones is music ringtones which are also known as true tones.

The true tones are completely similar to the songs which are played on the radio or CD player, because of the simple fact that these are recorded in a studio. The development of ring tones would not have been possible without the development of cell phones. Firstly handsets used to be were large and used to have very little memory. People in the modern era have become techno-savvy. Teenagers are very much fascinated by the innovation in the field of technology.

At present, there are many sites which provide ringtones and allow contributing one’s creations on the website. The people who make these tones are neither big engineers nor computer geeks these are just normal people who love music and creativity.

All this was started with a big idea of a brilliant engineer Vesa-Matti Paananen who had a very big heart.


Source by Grigoriy Anoshenko

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