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Introducing, The Amazing Reticulated Python - Programming Codex

Introducing, The Amazing Reticulated Python

Introducing, The Amazing Reticulated Python

Basic Facts

The reticulated python, formally known as the Python reticulatus, is the world’s longest snake. The average size for a full-grown adult snake is between ten and twenty feet, but they have been known to grow larger than twenty-five feet in length. They can be very large and can weigh over 300 pounds. Reticulated pythons are non-venomous and constrict to kill their prey. They are not known to be very aggressive, but they are large enough to kill an adult human. Humans are rarely attacked and a few cases have been recorded. One of these snakes abilities is swimming. They have been known to be excellent at swimming, and they have even been spotted far out in the ocean.


The reticulated python’s color pattern is very geometric and typically consists of a series of diamond shapes and smaller shapes with a light center. The color of the marking varies and can be many different colors. Depending on the location of the creature, the color of the markings will vary to blend in with its surroundings. It helps them catch their food and protects them from predators. While reticulated pythons can be found in zoos around the world, the native region that they are formed in Southeast Asia and surrounding territories.


The native habitat of the snake is the rain forest and other humid environments. Most commonly, these creatures can be found near lakes or ponds because they are highly dependent on water. Due to their ability to swim, they have colonized many islands that are away from the mainland, mostly near Asia.


The most common prey for the snake is small mammals. The smaller species will eat rodents, such as rats. The larger animals will eat anything up to their size. They have been known to eat large pigs weighing more than 100 pounds. If the snake lives near humans, they will eat pets that stray away from the home. Dogs and other household pets have gone missing and soon after a python is found nearby.


Similar to other snakes, the female python will lay her eggs and then wrap herself around them to regulate the temperature. Along with warming herself, she will increase her body heat to keep the eggs from becoming too cold. When the eggs hatch, the younger snakes are around two feet long and will grow that length every year.

Caring For a Python

Due to the docile nature of reticulated pythons, people like to choose them as their pets and will keep them in their homes. It is important that when choosing to keep a python as a pet, the person knows the proper way to take care of them. Failure to properly educate and follow all guidelines can result in injury to the owner or surrounding people or pets. Properly caring for one of these pythons will require a lot of work and proper care will protect not only the people but also the animal.

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