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Iran and Pakistan Coming Together - In Spirit Against the United States - Programming Codex

Iran and Pakistan Coming Together – In Spirit Against the United States

Iran obviously doesn’t like the economic sanctions, and it obviously has zero intention of stopping their nuclear enrichment, or even opening it up for the UN or others to monitor to make sure it is only for nuclear power and not nuclear weapons. Iran will come out a winner if Assad stays in power in Syria, and it has Russia running block and occasionally China too. In my view the United States missed a golden opportunity to remove Iran from the equation on several occasions in the past 10-years. Let’s talk.

There was an interesting article in PressTV on December 5, 2012 titled; “Pakistani prime minister urges expanded Tehran-Islamabad relations,” which stated;

“Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has called for the further expansion of ties between his country and Iran, in particular in the economic sector,” stating; “Iran and Pakistan enjoy close and brotherly relations and their interactions are rooted in historical, cultural and religious commonalities,” and that Iran and Pakistan, “had common views on Afghanistan and that the two countries share the objective of participating in the establishment of peace in Afghanistan.”

Of course it is in Pakistan’s best interest not to malign Tehran, but to suggest Iranian diplomatic ties are more important than Pakistan-US ties is problematic, and if Pakistan is taking on suggestion some of Tehran’s advice, well, we know that “trust” is not going to ever be achieved between the US and Pakistan – especially considering Iran’s tendency to sponsor proxy terrorist groups to serve its political will, more often than not against the US, her allies and interests.

My international advice to Pakistan – sure, it would go something like this; be careful Pakistani premier – walk that tightrope appropriate without the anti-US global rhetoric. Trust me, Iran may not be all that powerful after this future conflict and China is not going to back up Pakistan without major “gives” from Pakistan.

Okay so, where are we a year later? Well, we have Iranian tentacles in nearly every country in the Middle East and North Africa – working with rogue leaders, terrorist organizations, and inciting the Islamic world against the United States and Western World. A quick strike on Iran in my view could solve a lot of these problems – a decisive victory and elimination of the Iranian war machine, and could send a message to those who think they can attain nuclear weapons to use against the Western World, give to terrorists or threaten the globe.

Would a strike be risky? Not really, the aftermath might be a little bit of a challenge, but in that part of the world, we shouldn’t expect to win any more friends or influence people – aka “winning hearts and minds” nor should we be na├»ve enough to try at this point. The time has come, procrastination is no longer prudent, not that it ever was, but it’s time to take action or completely withdraw. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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