An object-oriented programming language (OOPs) which was developed by Sun Microsystems in the year 1990 is called as Java. This language develops a great number of syntax from C and C++ but it has a trouble free object model and lesser level of facilities. Generally Java applications are usually compiled to byte code, which might be compiled to native code during runtime. Java Script is a scripting language which shares akin syntax and names. Java Script is not exactly associated to Java. Sun Microsystems afford a GPL implementation of a Java compiler and Java virtual machine, in observance with the requirements of the Java Community Process. The class Library is necessary to run Java program.

The most important and major principal objectives in the formation of the Java programming are given.

It must compulsorily use the Object Oriented Programming method.

It must hold built-in support for availing computer networks.

It must be simple to manipulate by choosing which is measured as the fine and

excellent parts of other object-oriented languages.

It must permit the same program to be performed and carried out on several OS

It must be deliberated and designed to execute code from remote sources safely.

To achieve the goals of remote code execution and networking support Java programmers at times find it essential to utilize extensions like Internet Communications Engine, ORBA and OSGi. Frequently the Java syntax is mostly derived from C++. Though C++ is dissimilar and contrast it coalesce the syntax for generic, structured and object-oriented programming. Java is developed from the base as an object oriented language. Here all the codes are written within a class and about all is an object. The exceptions are the built-in datatypes that is not a class for performance cause.

The general explanations and the major things to be carried out while working with Java is pointed here.

Source files are principally named alike as the class they have, affixing the compulsory suffix as .java. A class that is declared as public is necessary to pursue the convention.

Each and everything is written inside a class which also includes the stand-alone programs in Java.

In Java, void is a keyword which is used to point out the important method that does not returns any value to the developer.

In Java, static is a keyword which is used to point out the method handled is a static method which is linked with the class instead of object instances.

In Java, public is a keyword which indicates the method that could be called from the code in the other classes.

A class might be made use by classes outside the hierarchy of the class.

The garbage collection in Java is practically invisible and it is built-in to the developer. It just means that, the developers might have no idea of when garbage collection will play the role as it might never essentially associate with any procedures being clearly carried out by the code they write. In addition, to execute a Java program at the client instead of executing it in a server, a Java applet has added distinctiveness to make it to execute faster.

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