Learn Why Cloud Management Matters For Every Organization

Learn Why Cloud Management Matters For Every Organization

By 2010, cloud computing is expected to get wider attention from governments and society in general.

Tons of investment is going into cloud computing infrastructure. Rumors say that Amazon Web Services is a $ 500,000,000 business. Players like Google, Microsoft, among others, are investing a significant amount of amount to their solutions.

Cloud management becomes more challenging as deploying instances becomes easier.

In essence, cloud management involves the entire task of managing, provisioning and monitoring applications into this infrastructure for the cloud. It is more than just monitoring server usage. To achieve this, it needs the right synthesis of cloud management software and people.

People – Although cloud computing makes it much easier to provision infrastructure, organizations still need system administration skills to deploy, manage and monitor the systems. If limited resources are available, they should use a Platform as a Service offering like Force.com.

A mature technology platform has both systems administrators and developers. While there’s a lot of overlap in the more common skills of each, we’ve rarely encountered good system administrators make good programs. It is a rare instance that good programmers can become good system administrators. The cloud has a bad habit of misleading programmers into thinking they no longer need system administrators.

The programmer is competent with technology and fully capable of setting up a system that can support the application being built. However, the programmer lacks a very detailed understanding of innovative infrastructure management. Consequently, the programmer-managed infrastructure ultimately leads to an environment incapable of adjusting to changing demands and potentially opens vulnerabilities to hackers through discreet channels.

The reverse is true of the system administrators who fancy themselves, programmers. They can craft Perl programs to do just about any task. Those programs, however, ultimately lack the solid architecture that programming skills provide.

Similar to servers, software and the storage and networks in your organization’s data center would need tools for efficient management, with your cloud infrastructure included. Due to the new paradigm of computing, there will be additional management capabilities and controls that will be needed through cloud management software to:

* Make the underlying cloud easier to use
* Extend security policies into the cloud environment
* Protect from single cloud vendor lock-in to allow cross-cloud operations and migration
* Mange to your service level requirements
* Provide for financial controls and tracking
* Audit and report for compliance

Some cloud computing clients recently described cloud infrastructure as a “developer’s dream, but an enterprise application and resources a manager’s nightmare.”

Any good cloud management software will take care of these challenges, provide the desired features, and even more value to complex IT environments.

Source by George Hadjiyanis

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