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LED Screens Have Constantly Defined The Success In The Cluttered Consumer Market - Programming Codex

LED Screens Have Constantly Defined The Success In The Cluttered Consumer Market

In today’s trend, the advertising industry has emerged as one of the most advanced and constantly evolving components in today’s cluttered digital platform.

It has in fact remained as the most beneficial stand-point for many companies who attempt to advertise their products and services through different methods. In this particular advertising arena, the LED based advertising has also significantly grown metamorphic ally.

The LED based advertising in the format of LED billboard has been predominantly used by more and more advertisers and a plethora of brand owners.

Technical view point of LED Screens

  • Pixel resolution

Pixel resolution has been considered the most important structural component of LED screens; the pixels have become the determinant factor for the following:

Pixel resolution has been an important component for the optimum viewing of the content by the prospective audience. The optimum viewing and the readability of the content is completely governed by the pixel resolution. The pixel resolution to a great extent depends completely on the diodes which are present in the LED screen.

  • What are the parameters to choose the best pixel pitch size?

Like as mentioned above about pixel resolution, the pixel pitch can be considered as an important parameter for the effective viewing experience. The pixel pitch becomes the distance between each LED cluster that makes the pixel and the amount of pixel pitch becomes the ardent factor for the costing of the LED screen.

One can say that if the pixel pitches are small it caters to the less audience and greater the pixel pitches, more the visibility to the vast audience. Furthermore, you can probably increase the pixel pitch depending upon the readability of the audience over the contents which is being fed onto it.

As a classic example, of a P10 pixel module, if there is a 10 mm gap between pixels, one can estimate that it uses 4 times as many LEDs as a P 20 pixel module and that is the reason how pixel pitch becomes a huge impact on the pricing.

  • The prominence of pixel pitch towards the resolution of the screen

Pixel pitch predominantly affects the resolution of the screen and the optimum viewing experience by the targeted audience. However, there are two main components in LED screens which make it an essential component viz. the SMD and DIP LEDs

  • The SMD LED also termed as the surface mount device light emitting diode, has been a type of LED module that significantly uses the surface-mount technology (SMT) which could mount the LED chips on to the printed circuit boards (PCB’s). The SMD LED’s have been the self-contained surface-mounted LED device that has a capacity to function on its own or get plugged to any compatible unit.
  • DIP or the Dual in-line package) LEDs, have been used as a traditional LED lights, the DIP LED have been principally using the chip which is encased in a hard plastic and generally used with 2 straight parallel connecting pins. The DIP chips have been still used today but have been deployed with lower efficiency than the upcoming new LED chips which are commercially used in the modern day applications.

The resolution in a LED is generally measured in lumens and one can typically understand that a LED DIP chip could produce around 4 lumens per LED which is significantly far less than the newer chips.

Benefits of LED screens

  • LED Screens have been a very portable component which could be plugged onto the laptops or the PC so that your content for the advertisements can be easily managed.
  • LED Screens have been an effective instrument for most of the advertisers as they can project their product info through the LED screens.
  • Since the LED Screens use the diodes, it simply helps in for the energy conservation, which uses less power for more picture output.
  • LED Screens can be plugged onto the laptop as mentioned above and thereby brings about a significant impact on the product video which is streamed.

They have been the benchmarks for certain trade conferences and the exhibitions and they have been constantly enticing the audience towards the product presentations with appropriate description through audio presentation.

Source by Sadanand Kasukurthi

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