Little Known Facts About Walton-On-Thames

Little Known Facts About Walton-On-Thames

Walton-on-Thames is a town in the southeast part of England. The town has a rich history and boasts of having several connections to pop culture in England. The town’s population is around 23,000 with most of those spread out among the different areas in and around the city.

The name of Walton has an Anglo-Saxon origin, which many believe to mean “farm of the Britons.” There has been suspicion that Walton is the spot where Julius Caesar forded the Thames on his second invasion of Britain. There however has not been any proof of this to confirm it or not.

Walton Bridge has had five incarnations on the site since the first one was built back in the 15th century. There are plans for a sixth one to be built, however, construction was delayed after a public objected to some of the original plans. Construction is now slated to begin sometime in 2010.

Sports play an important in life in Walton. Being close to the water there are opportunities for rowing, kayaking, and canoeing. Also, there is the Walton and Hersham F.C, which plays its games at Stompond Lane. The F.C is nicknamed the swans. Also, there is the Walton Casuals F.C, which is nicknamed the stags.

Many connections to pop culture are present in the town. One example of this is a lot of Monty Python sketches were filmed in and around the town. If you ever get the chance to watch the re-released video of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life look closely and you will be able to see many of the town’s sights. Another connection to pop culture is that Tommy Bolin’s Dreamer was written for a person in Walton, though we still do not know who it was. If you are in the area and are looking for something to do. Take the day and explore all the town of Walton-on-Thames has to offer.

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