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Major Benefits of Outsourcing Your Java Application Development Project

Major Benefits of Outsourcing Your Java Application Development Project


But you can save a lot of your money by outsourcing your projects to offshore destinations. This article discusses the key benefits of outsourcing your Java application development project.

Java application development has been going on for a long time, but the trend of outsourcing Java development projects to countries like India is a relatively recent trend. The development of the Java platform, and the addition of new features and facilities to Java, has made it the perfect language for certain types of development projects. While Java developers in first world countries charge more than $60 per hour for Java development, talented and experienced Java developers in India work for as little as $10 per hour! This cost-effectiveness is the main reason for the outsourcing of software development work to India. But outsourcing Java development also brings a number of other benefits:

Cost-saving and better talent:

Not only does outsourcing help companies to do their development work done at a cheaper rate, but it also allows them to hire programmers who possess have an edge over their counterparts. As companies can get developers at less than half the rates in first world nations, they can opt for more experienced developers.


There are a large number of software development companies to choose from. You can get your Java application work done by a top-notch multinational company, or you can choose a budding software development company trying hard to make its mark on the market. The fact that a number of companies are clamoring to get your project also helps you to beat down the price. You can choose companies on the basis of your project requirements and budget.


A number of offshore companies are involved with Java application development, and it is imperative for such companies to provide quality services and solutions. There is a lot of pressure on these companies to prove themselves; so, if you select your offshore partner carefully, you will get first-rate work from a company driven to excel. Consequently, you get quality Java application development at economical rates.

Round-the-clock support and communication:

The biggest hurdle to the execution of an offshore development project is the lack of proper communication between the company that wants software developed and the company that is expected to do the development. But most offshore development companies have proper mechanisms that allow you to communicate with the people working on your project. Not only do they keep your updated on the state of your project, but they are also open to accommodate any new changes you want to integrate in your software. The open communication channels ensure that your project gets completed on time and on-cost.

‘Hiring’ a team:

We’ve all heard horror stories of companies that bid for outsourcing projects, take the money, and vanish. If you are not comfortable with entrusting your project to a company that is located thousands of miles away, you have the option of ‘hiring’ a team. This approach allows you to monitor the progress of your project on a day-to-day basis. The team or individuals that you’ve ‘hired’ work exclusively on your project and report directly to you; at the same time, infrastructural and technological support is provided by the software development company.


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