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Medical Billing and Coding – A Recession Proof Career

Medical Billing and Coding – A Recession Proof Career


If you are looking into a career in the health care industry but in an administrative capacity then Medical Billing and Coding jobs are two options for you. While they are often mentioned together, medical billing and coding are actually two separate jobs but interconnected.

Medical Billing, as the name applies, involves drawing up bills. While this may seem an ordinary accountant job, in the medical field it involves not only medical institutes and patients, but co-ordination with health insurance providers and other third parties as well. That makes it a more complicated and niche field.

Medical coding on the other hand involves codes that are assigned to various medical assignments. These codes are used to draw up bills correctly. Rather like a short hand alternative to lengthy medical jargon. As we said before, they are two separate jobs and often two separate people handle these jobs in a medical institute. But both are required to work in tandem to make sure bills are drawn with the correct code and amount.

Medical billing and coding jobs require meticulous attention to detail and a temperament suited for desk job, as the job involves hours and hours of pouring over paperwork. It may not be the best job suitable for those looking for a more exciting opportunity. Also, medical coding jobs are available on part time basis or hourly basis and can work out for those who cannot commit to a nine to five job. However, working from from is not a generally offered option in this career.

Because of the specific methods and codes involved in billing and coding work, anyone interested will need to undergo training and obtain a certificate. Medical billing and coding training courses should be available with local colleges and adult education centers etc. It will be good to inquire at your nearest medical facility for a recommended training center. That way you can be sure of a placement advantage at the end of the training.

Medical billing and coding training costs can vary. Good courses can cost up to $500 but many have options of monthly payment options or cheaper courses in smaller packages. But even a $500 dollar investment can work out cheap if you are able to land a Medical billing and coding job at the right place. On an average you can earn up to $45,000 a year or up to $18 an hour in some cases. But salary may vary depending on how many hours you are putting in and whether you are working for a government facility or private.

It is also possible to branch off to other administrative jobs in a non-health care field with medical billing and coding training. The basic tenets will apply to billing and book keeping in any field, giving you more than one career opportunity.

Even though working from home is not common in the medical billing and coding field, it is possible to set up a small business of medical billing and coding if you have enough experience.


Source by Mark A Murphy

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