Merit Killing in AJK Pakistan

The infamous Public Service Commission rebuked like Machiavelli’s Prince and has issued a clarification on the alleged list-altering of successful candidates on their official website. As John Keats said,” A thing of beauty is joy forever,” which satirically becomes,” A thing of injustice is a pain forever.”

  • AJK PSC changed the Combined Merit List after ten hours without any explanation or prior notification to the affected candidates. How can someone be so irresponsible, someone specially, a Government institution?
  • This hypocritical Department claims supremacy of the merit, but it violates merit itself by selecting candidates on written result basis. What was the need of interview? How can you do this at government level? Merit is a far cry in Pakistan, I assume.

What is the truth? Let’s find out

Why the list was changed after ten hours on 9th February, 2017.Why the explanation from AJK PSC is published after 5 crucial days? Were they sleeping? Don’t they know how to run a public office? Don’t they know their responsibilities? This is something really fishy and suspicious. The delay in explanation and no recommendation on this depict a lot of negligence on the part of AJK PSC.

What happened to the original first list? Is it not favoritism and nepotism? Is it not the blood bath of Merit and Justice? How can someone be that irresponsible?

There have been 18 lists of successful candidates by the same Public Service Commission, why this one creates such big drama. As Lady Macbeth would say,” Out Damn Spot, Out!” The Psc shouts the same mysterious mantra of, “Out Merit, The damn merit out!”

I’d suggest the following to rebuild trust and promote justice in the State.

  1. The affected candidates must be called in to show their side of the drama.
  2. There must be video camera installed and recording in all AJK PSC interviews as it is a must in CSS and other public service commission. This can eradicate favoritism.
  3. The struck out candidates should be re-entered in the list and there must be a public apology on the behalf of corrupt authority.
  4. The President and Prime Minister of AJK should take keen interest in rooting out injustice and nepotism.
  5. The passing formula of Css and other public commissions should be adopted. A candidate has to clear all nine papers separately. If he is fail in English essay, he will be considered fail. Not whatAJK PSC commission did, passed the candidate by adding Marking English Grammar. This is ridiculous and shameful passing policy.

The deserving candidates demand for justice and ask for eligible people to be selected instead of fake merit holders, who promote corruption, favoritism, nepotism and immorality in AJK and Pakistan.

Source by Kashif Ali

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