Mobile Phones – A Miracle of Science and Technology

Mobile Phones – A Miracle of Science and Technology

With the advent of science and technology, innovations have come forward making life more comfortable for us, bringing different forms of entertainment at our fingertips and their easy accessibility ensures that the consumers enjoy them completely.

When mobile phones were commercially introduced, they were heavy and unsuitable for hand-held uses; they had minimum functionality and very slow rates of data transfer and very little data retention capacity. The 1G (first generation), 2G (second generation) 3G (third-generation), etc of the technology behind automated cellular networks have made way for the emergence of super-cool snazzy cell phones, some of which are top-end phones with processing powers and storage capacities comparable to those found in desktops some 4-5 years ago. Researches in telecommunication, electronics, etc have made it possible for the most useful and strikingly innovative features to get incorporated into these phones.

All mobile phones consist of some common features like a rechargeable battery as a power source, facilities for basic mobile phone services like sending text messages and making calls, SIM cards for GSM phones, an input to interact with the phone like the keypad or touch screens found in some of the high-end phones called smartphones available these days, etc. The low-end phones also known as feature phones have all the basic functionalities and some other useful features like cameras, music players, etc and come with software applications based on platforms like Java ME or BREW. There are cell phones with much-advanced computing ability, fast processors and microchips, a greater number of slots for many functionalities these days which are giving each other a run for their money. More and more companies have come forward to design the most technologically advanced phones which will appeal to the most aesthetic as well as tech-savvy users.

The variety of features available in a cell phone simply boggles one’s mind. You have powerful digital cameras, audio and video recorders, MMS or multimedia messaging services, email clients, web clients, various gaming platforms for mobile gaming, document readers, music players, etc. Some advanced high-end smartphones are also equipped with GPS navigation services, RDS radio receivers, PDA or personal digital assistant services, facilities for streaming and watching videos, video callings, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, infrared, memory card reader, PTT, dual-line supports, etc.

The prices of cell phones depend upon the brands you want to buy, the various features that come with them, etc. The year 2004 saw the sales of 674 million cell phones and that figure became 730 million in 2005. These figures throw light on the immense popularity of cell phones.

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