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Neuro Linguistic Programming: Your Map to Happiness, Success and Confidence in Your Life

Neuro Linguistic Programming: Your Map to Happiness, Success and Confidence in Your Life


Neuro-linguistic has been considered a training language of the mind to control and reprogram it to achieve the goals. NLP techniques are getting popular as a popular tool to facilitate learning, training, sales, and business, professional and personal development.

However, finding the right source that offers practical exercises and comprehensive detail about NLP is still a painful task.

Neuro-linguistic programming by Randy Johnson is a perfect addition for those who were confused by the theoretical based explanatory material on NLP and stopped implementing all the techniques considering it a purely professional thing they cannot practice.

Johnson’s NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING is a comprehensive, research-based discussion on NLP, considering every possible question that clients, readers and potential users may have in their mind.

This book covers all the practical content to provide the most workable techniques anyone can implement. The writer is so conscious about “how to do it”, that is why the first chapter of the book is about “Basic NLP Techniques”.

The next chapter is the prelude to the first one as it deliberately explains “how to control the mind” using different techniques and exercises.

All techniques are comprehensively explained that anyone can start the implementation right after reading it. Since NLP is only effective when it is practiced, it is necessary to have effective exercises with theory.

The focus of the writer is straight into teaching the right way to control and train the mind to achieve the goal.

In the third chapter of the book, the writer talks about how you can explore the hidden talents of your mind by stretching its capabilities and increase the motivation towards “self-believe” (discussed in the next chapter).

The chapter is all about “setting goals” and “motivation and fixing your habits”.

The writer has dedicated a complete chapter to “goal settings and achievement” and “improving communication” that can help in setting and achieving the goals. The writer keeps the motivation levels up and talks about fears, phobias and building confidence because motivation can help defeat the fears and phobia. But our brain must learn the language of motivation much more than it holds the words, “fears and phobias”.

According to Randy, health and well-being are a pillar to build a strong base of happy and successful life. A week’s soul, negative mind, and unhealthy body can harness the growth of an individual.

All 12 chapters are connected so precisely that after reading the whole book, anyone can successfully start practicing NLP techniques to achieve their goals.

At the end of the book, the writer includes some effective meta-programs to engage the attention of the reader in achieving a real skill through NLP.

The challenge for the book was to restrict the practical exposure of the NLP technique. And the writer significantly progresses to fulfill the desired needs, which leads to a successful completion of the NLP book.

The best part of the e-book is its engaging and motivational voice. It’s a pleasure to read and I would recommend it to everyone who wants “happiness, success, and confidence in their life”.

You can get this book here: = NLP + neuro + linguistic + programming


Source by Dawood A Khan

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