New and Improved Google PC Tablet: The 10 Inch Flytouch 3 Superpad 2 Android 2.2 PC Tablet

The 10 inch Flytouch 3 SuperPad 2 Android 2.2 Tablet PC is technology at its best. Super efficient, easy to use, and affordable, this device is a tech-junkie’s delight.

The Flytouch 3 has several upgrades over its predecessor, the Flytouch 2. These improvements include an upgraded Android system, increased Nandflash, and screen improvements. The RAM has been doubled from the previous version, and at 512 MB the information delivery is fast and efficient. In addition to the speed, the system is powerful and has capabilities that far outreach the previous model.

Not everybody is in the know on their technology, and one may be wondering what is Android tablet anyway? An Android tablet is simply an easy to tote personal computer with a touch screen, and features the Android operating system. This system is very popular and has been widely embraced by users for being user-friendly and highly functional.

The Android operating system included on this device is Android 2.2 which is an upgrade from the previous version of 2.1. The Android 2.2 has several bug fixes, many additional functions, improved new user features, and more.

In addition to all of these great features, the newest Android tablet has increased internal memory, at 4 GB. This allows for massive storage, and powerful application installation.

The Google Android Market is just another reason why Android products are such a hit. The Android Market is a super-store that works like a digital download bonanza. The market is jam-packed with games and other useful applications. The vast selection will appeal to anyone, and it varies from simple playtime apps to important business apps. The sky is the limit in the market. Android users not only have incredible access to a vast selection of applications, but the Android Market is also organized and easy to shop.

The market Android offers is just another detail that adds up this being a great product. Other great features include a built-in GPS system and a mega-power battery that has six full hours of browsing power juice.

The efficient Flytouch 3 is great for supporting word programs, flash video and internet browsing. The WiFi connection is reliable, and the ports include two USB ports, HDMI output, TF card-slot, DV plug, RJ45 interface, and an earphone jack.

The Google Android improvements prove that the developers have been listening to the users. Even minor details have been plucked. One of these details is the improved ease after upgrade, bypassing the previously needed registration code. This small detail has been met with great user appreciation.

This go-anywhere tablet is small enough to be conveniently portable, but don’t let the size fool you. The power far outreaches the size. With great online flash video capabilities, access to the Google Android market, mega memory, long-lasting battery power, amazing support capabilities and many more relevant features, the Flytouch 3 is an incredible multi-tasker.

The 10 inch Flytouch 3 SuperPad 2 Android 2.2 Tablet PC provides a mega-dose of efficiency and function. In addition, the price-tag is budget-friendly. This is the tablet for anyone looking for a digital workhorse that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Source by Brian L. Shields

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