Nokia N95 Quadband Unlocked Phone

The Nokia N95 was first announced in September 2006 at the Nokia Open Studio event in New York. The N95 has just landed in PhoneAndBeyond this month and has created quite a storm of interest in our 3G Forum. We are convinced the N95 will be remembered as the 3G handset that took us to somewhere new.

Built-in GPS is another feather in the cap in Nokia n95. Inclusion of this technology in the mobile phone lets you find help in distress. Whether you wish to play Java(TM) enabled games, listen and watch stream music, all can be done with the aid of this mobile phone. As the mobile phone support a number of network types you can carry this around anywhere in the world and still stay connected.

For connectivity and sharing Nokia N95 comes with latest technology. It is enabled with UPnP, Integrated wireless LAN, IrDA and Bluetooth(TM) technology which makes it universally acceptable in connectivity and sharing of data. Get your piece of Nokia N95 today and enjoy the feeling of every vibe which it can generate.

The Nokia N95 offers a powerful 5 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss Tessar 2.8/5.6 mm lens, auto focus and flash. Pictures are shown on the impressive 2.6 inch display. You can upload your photos directly from your camera phone to the Flickr online photo community. At 30 frames per second, you can easily capture moving objects.

The ring slider opens and closes the shutter. The camera switches on when the shutter is in the “ON” position. The screen is used as the viewfinder with the phone held horizontally. If you can use a digital camera phone, the Nokia N95 is similar to operate.

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