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Open RAR Without Winrar


RAR file format has been used a lot to compress huge files. If you often download files from file sharing websites such as Rapidshare or Megaupload, I’m sure you have found lots of files that are packed in RAR format. People use WinRAR to compress their files in RAR files because they aware of the advantages of using the format. Using the application, we can get maximum size reduction for the files and we can also split a huge file into several parts to make the files easier to be downloaded.

The problem is we have to use an appropriate application to open RAR archives. However, since there are many applications that support opening and extracting RAR archive, that won’t be a matter anymore. Unfortunately, there are still many people think that the only available application to open and extract the archive is WinRAR alone. This is not true.

One of the popular applications that support RAR archive is 7-zip, which is a freeware. Beside supporting RAR file format, this free program also supports a huge number of other archive formats. If you take a look at the number of the archive formats supported, you’ll probably wonder why such a nifty application is provided for free. Some of you may doubt that it is free, but it is really completely free. Use it and you’ll believe it. You can use it for free forever. All of the features can be used for free without exception. So, visit the site now and download the program.


Source by Ifan Zamroni

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