Open Source Trends That Will Influence Web Development in 2020

As the technology landscape keeps evolving, we find ourselves surrounded by new and emerging open-source platforms every other day. New developments such as Open Stack, The Internet of Things and more have created a complete paradigm shift in the way we use technology in our everyday lives. Here is a rundown of the top open-source trends that will rise to popularity in 2020.

Open stack will gain more importance

An open stack is essentially a cloud operating system. It offers admins the ability to provision and control huge computing, storage, and networking resources via an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Many businesses are already using open stack for managing their cloud computing systems. The popularity of this system is due to its flexible ecosystem, transparency, servers and lower cost as compared to the other equivalent alternatives. Open stack is expected to surge in acceptance and will be a major influence in the future of cloud computing.

Progressive web apps will be more popular

Progressive web apps is an aggregation of technologies and design concepts as well as APIs that enable you to have an app like experience in the mobile browser. Traditional websites have certain inherent shortcomings. Apps provide a more personalized experience but have a huge demand on the resources as they have to be downloaded to the user’s device. PWA delivers the best of both worlds. It effectively provides an app-like experience and can be accessed via a browser. It can be indexed by search engines and can be made responsive to fit any form factor. This technology is poised to soar to new heights in 2020- that’s a no-brainer.

Rust to rule perfectly

Unlike most programming languages, Rust does not come with a safety vs. control tradeoff. It offers 100 % control without compromising on safety. Rust has a unique approach that includes built-in testing and developers consider it as a viable option for an open-source language. It is an effective option for languages such as C and python to write secure code.

R user community grows

The R language is a project by GNU. It is associated with statistical computing and graphics. It offers a wide array of statistical and graphical techniques for development. R is a perfect open-source option for data manipulation, calculation, and graphical display. It will rule the open-source market in 2020 too.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence expand in scope

Machine learning and AI give machines the ability to learn from the past and improve the user experiences without the programmer having to explicitly code the instructions. With several open source technologies leveraging them to build cutting edge applications, this kind of apps will be widely implemented in 2020.

As the internet of things connects more and more things and cloud computing rises in implementation, 2020 will see several technology disruptions and open source will be a driving force for most of these innovations.

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