Permanently Delete Browsing History From a Browser

Permanently Delete Browsing History From a Browser

Ensuing the rampant identity thief issues, internet users are now more careful with their online usage. However, there are still people who are unaware of these ongoing virtual crimes. Chances are they will just leave the computer open, making them an easy prey of these online criminals. Technological illiteracy can be the culprit, or perhaps carelessness.

When using computers especially in public places, it is necessary to take extra caution. One way of doing it is to sign-out from any website accounts and then close all open tabs. This may be safe; however, it is not enough to protect your identity. The best thing to do to ensure 100% protection is to delete all browsing history from the computer.

There are various ways of deleting browsing histories. This is because; each web browsers have their own procedure of eradicating files. All it takes is just adequate knowledge and initiative to clear all browsing history not only from the internet browser but also from the computer. There is also software that automatically deletes all temporary files, web browsing history, and cookies.

These days there are so many online browsers, but the leading web browser is Google Chrome. To delete browsing history using the Google Chrome web browser, users must click the wrench icon found at the upper right side of the page. When a dialogue box appears, find tools then click it. Another dialogue box will pop-up; look for clear browsing data, and then, click. There will be another box prompting its users to check whatever they want to delete. When everything has a checkmark, users will just have to click on the Clear browsing data box, after that, all browsing history will vanish.

Other web browsers delete a beeline of internet searches manually. However, users can use software that automatically deletes internet-browsing records. This software is capable of deleting all internet activities, windows, and application histories. Using this software is more convenient than clearing internet-activity history using web browsers.

For secure internet browsing, it is essential to delete all online activities permanently not only from the browsers but also from the computer hardware. Meaning, users must not rely on a web browser’s capability in deleting all internet activities. They must permanently obliterate all activity using both computer and web browsers in such a way, sensitive files and personal identity will be safe. For this, virtual crimes will eventually decrease.

Source by Pearlie J. Hiceta

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