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Looking for Php matrimonial script!!!.

Your search is stop here.

The Green Technologiestis the leading name for design and develop php matrimonial script.

The Green Technologies provide readymade php matrimonial script with different responsive matrimonial website template with best design and php open source code.

Php matrimonial script premium version is the india’s best selling matrimonial script to start your own matrimonial website.

Premium php matrimonial script is the feature loaded matrimonial bootstrap template.

Check out below list for some features from our php matrimonial script:-

Front Features

  1. Secure login system
  2. User’s registration in register
  3. Register with Facebook
  4. Partner preference in register
  5. User’s partner preference
  6. Forgot password
  7. Attractive home page
  8. Photo upload in register
  9. Quick Search on User’s Home
  10. Saved Search Option
  11. Email Settings for user
  12. Sms Settings For User
  13. Blacklist settings
  14. Contact settings
  15. Photo Privacy Settings
  16. Upload photo
  17. Photo album
  18. Multiple search options
  19. Spotlight Profile
  20. Shortlisted Members
  21. Blocklist members
  22. Search Result
  23. Refine search
  24. Contact settings
  25. Photo Request sent
  26. Photo request received
  27. Express interest sent
  28. Express interest received
  29. Express interest received & rejected
  30. Express interest received & pending
  31. Express interest sent & rejected
  32. Express interest sent & pending
  33. Custom match option
  34. Broader match
  35. One way match
  36. Two way match
  37. Message inbox
  38. Message all sent
  39. Message all received
  40. Important message
  41. Compose custom message
  42. My profile
  43. Member profile
  44. Edit profile details
  45. Membership plan
  46. Membership payment option
  47. Membership confirmation
  48. Membership status
  49. Membership payment invoice
  50. About us
  51. Success story
  52. Add success story
  53. Feedback
  54. Contact us
  55. tearms and conditions
  56. Privacy Policy
  57. Report misuse

Admin Features

  1. Notifications
  2. Sales graph
  3. New order counter
  4. New Registration
  5. Unique Visitors
  6. Chat
  7. Suggetion Box
  8. High quality home page
  9. Quick Mail
  10. Update Favicon
  11. Update Logo
  12. Profile Id
  13. Basic Site Settings
  14. Update Index Banner
  15. Blacklist settings
  16. Change Password
  17. Change Or Update Social Links
  18. All Members List
  19. Upload photo
  20. Active To Paid Member
  21. Paid To Spotlight Member
  22. Renew Membership
  23. Up/Down Grade Membership Plan
  24. All Users Chat
  25. All Users Express Interest
  26. All Users Emails
  27. Add Religion In site
  28. Add Caste In site
  29. Add Country In site
  30. Add State In site
  31. Add Cities In site
  32. Add Occupation In site
  33. Add Education In site
  34. Add Mother Tongue In site
  35. Profile Match Making
  36. Add New Email Templetes
  37. All View/Edit Email Templete
  38. All Sms Templetes View/Edit
  39. All Sms Config
  40. Admin Email Messages
  41. Payment Options
  42. Invoice Copy
  43. Sales Report
  44. Advertisement
  45. Import Database
  46. Export Database

And Many More…

Visit For all Features of Premium PHP matrimonial Script.

Along With that we also provide free 1 year support on all product of The Green Technologies.


Source by Riddi Patel

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