Pinterest App for iPad and Android Review

While Facebook dominated photo sharing even a year ago, the advent of Pinterest has totally changed the way you share photos these days. With the Pinterest mobile app, it has added more charm and ease to the entire sharing experience. While the web version is easy to use and manage, let’s look at how the app works, for the iPad the Android platforms. Here’s our brief review of the Pinterest app in the iPad and Android based gadgets, with respect to the available features, advantages and disadvantages.

Getting started with Pinterest: The biggest advantage of Pinterest is that you can get started very easily as it only takes a minute to set it up on your iPad using the iOS. If you do not have an account, you can easily link it to your Facebook account and get started. Once you have linked your account, the app asks you to choose from a series of photos to understand what kind of photos you are into. Once this is done, you are free to browse through the app as well as the web for photos that interest you and which you want to share.

Layout: The layout of the Pinterest app on iPad as well as the Android platform is the same as the web version. However, there are minor changes to incorporate the touchscreen factor present in the iPad and other similar gadgets. The layout is attractive and easy to use, making it really simple for a new entrant to become a master.

Functionality: Browsing for photos through your Pinterest is a little difficult with the iPad app version. Here, you can use either Google or Safari for your browsing, and once you have found what you desire to pin, simply use the Pinterest browser and type the address into it to pin it. That you can’t pin directly from Safari could be irritating for some, but it is nevertheless a minor point. However, this is not an issue with the Android app as it easily uses browsers to browse and pin photos from the main app itself. Another problem related with functionality of the iPad version of the app is the fact that it often freezes when uploading or sharing photos, which often means that you cannot really get back to where you were when the app froze. Additionally, editing your board descriptions and profile information is often not possible from the iPad app and you might have to use the web version for the same.

Uploading photos: With the iPad version of the app, uploading your own photos is not possible. You might have to download another app like the Photo Uploader to upload your photos onto Pinterest. However, the Android version works like the web version, which allows you to upload your own photos.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that while the apps are really useful, iPad apps need a little more in terms of functionality tweaking before they could become really popular. The Android based app, on the other hand, is similar to the web version, which makes it better and easier to use.

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