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Point To Point Video Conferencing Using Java’s JMF API

Point To Point Video Conferencing Using Java's JMF API


P2P Video Conference

When a face-to-face meeting with someone far away becomes a necessity or a compelling presentation must be given to a remote person, video conferencing is always your best choice. This means that you will get the exact solution you need for a productive and successful.

Here we are going to design peer to peer conferencing package designed to be a complete solution for all LAN conferencing. Leading Video conferencing Products are very costly and some products are not Standard-based, they are following their own Standards. So the quality and compatibility of the various products may differ.

To design a standard-based video conference, we are going to use Java Technology. For the communication-related Programming, the JMF 2.11e API is very helpful. The Java Media Framework API (JMF) enables audio, video and other time-based media to be added to applications and applets built on Java technology. This optional package, which can capture, playback, stream, and Transcode multiple media formats, for multimedia developers by providing a powerful toolkit to develop scalable, cross-platform technology.

In the architecture, the JMF Server applet captures the audio/video and stored in the buffer then transmits into the JMF client applet as an RTP stream. To implement the project we use G.711, G.722 audio codec, H.263, H.264 video codec, and RTP Protocol.

Real-time streaming of media allows users to play media as they receive it. Users don’t have to wait for the whole media file to be downloaded before watching. To enable real-time streaming, dedicated streaming media servers and streaming protocols, such as real-time Protocol (RTP), are required. RTP is an Internet standard for transporting real-time data.



Source by Lakshmichandrakanth Thangavelu

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