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Points to Be Considered While Doing PSD to HTML Conversion


There is a tremendous increase in the number of web portals for the last few years. There are so many web portals available over internet, through which we get different sorts of information. And more and more websites are being built by different businesses and individuals to make their online presence. This rapid growth in the number of new websites lead to increase in the demand of PSD to HTML conversion service. PSD to HTML conversion is done in order to get more accessibility, functionality, usability, visibility, etc. of your website in world wide web. Conversion of PSD to HTML is a necessary part of website design & development. There are some key factors which must be considered by web developer before coding the markup languages. Following are some important tips to be considered before performing the task of PSD to HTML conversion.

1. Semantic Coding – Use SEO semantic HTML tags while developing a website. Search engines crawl the web pages maximum number of times, that contains rich content and dig out legible text from HTML codes. This makes your web pages more SEO friendly and helps in achieving high search engine rankings.

2. Cross browser compatibility – At present time, there are number of browsers which are used by different users over internet. Problems occur when a website runs excellent in one browser and does not work properly in another browser. So, if you want to make run your website in almost all the browsers properly, you need to do coding in such a way that is cross browser compatible.

3. Manually coded – It is true that machine can never go ahead than human. There are lots of software available in the market that can do automatic coding but it is advised to perform hand coded PSD to CSS/HTML conversion.

4. W3C validation – World Wide Web consortium (W3C) validation is done to check correctness of coding. It is very essential to perform W3C validation to make your code error free.

5. Coding of high quality – Markup coding must be of high quality. Quality coding can be done by differentiation of PSD templates and then, integration of differentiated files. It facilitates in creating easily understandable, high quality, easily uploaded and table-less HTML codes.

By applying all the above steps while doing PSD to XHTML Conversion you can make your web pages more compatible to web browsers and as well as search engines.


Source by Jessica Bill

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