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Pros and Cons of Being a Male Transgender Amazon - Programming Codex

Pros and Cons of Being a Male Transgender Amazon

Pros and Cons of Being a Male Transgender Amazon

I’m a male transgender Amazon…and it’s okay. I prowl at night and I work by day (sung to the tune of Monte Python).

The dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-il, is a male transgender Amazon. What are the pros and cons?

He’s a big movie fan of Elvis Presley. So he runs old Elvis movies where Elvis is a stock car racer, and he dresses up like Ann-Margret (the female star of the film), and roots for Elvis to win the race.

“Come on Rick (Elvis’ character in the movie). “Come on. You can do it honey!” he yells at the screen, jumping up and down in a red leather corset.

Kim ordered a wine grape press from Bulgaria because he wanted to have himself pressed, double-jointed over so he could give himself fellatio.

This is a pro if you’re friendless and lonely. However, it’s a con if it causes back trouble which causes you to go to a North Korean chiropractor who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Most of them don’t. If they were any good, they’d be in Los Angeles.

Kim is really into the phallic symbol of a missile. And what’s that long-long-range missile called, a Phallon-Dong-Do (Taepodong) missile? What’s up (pardon the pun) with that?

One of the benefits (pros) of being a male transgender Amazon, is that you can acquire and dress up in colorful, interesting clothing, for example, a black leather Goth suit with a spiked belt and battery-powered multi-colored strap-on attachments that twist and vibrate.

As you’re putting on this gear, you can sing, “now we don our gay apparel…”

Kim wants to either ride that missile-like Slim Pickens did in Dr. Strangelove, or go down on it.

Kim Jong-il is a male transgender Amazon. A very short Amazon. He rides a very small pony.

He kidnapped a South Korean actress and made his movie about King Kong, a North Korean King Kong, a small guy in an ape suit who stomps on tiny model buildings.

He’s really into large appendages on very large apes (who isn’t?)

Kim sent away for and is eagerly awaiting a shipment of three hundred tubs of K-2 lubrication jelly. Who said North Korea isn’t well-stocked? That’s a pro.

A con is that many straight-laced people just don’t understand a person who is sophisticated and complex, a multi-faceted person like Kim. Kim says in Korean, “you just don’t understand…my kind of love.”

It’s true. I don’t.

I’ve got my hang-ups to worry about. I like sniffing…we’ll talk about that later.

When you’re a male transgender Amazon, you can claim everybody is out to get you. That’s a pro. However, a con….is…THEY ALL ARE OUT TO GET YOU!

A male transgender Amazon-like Kim can usually whip a female Amazon lesbian in a fight because he’s short and can duck most of the blows. That’s a pro. A con is that a female Amazon can usually kick you in a place where the sun don’t shine. And the lower to the ground you are, the easier it is.

Kim is a con. He should also be one (a convict).

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